Artist Profile: Michael Covington


By Saif Z-Man the F’Artist, write/photographer;documentarian and Zoe Siegel


Michael Covington has been an inspiration for the [freespace] community through his role as art curator of [freespace]. Several of his pieces that grace the walls will be painted over with all of the other artwork when we move out of our space. As the month draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity acknowledge the inspiring art that has come out of [freespace] and the hard work that Covington and all of the other artists have put into making [freespace] a beautifully inspirational place.

Covington began his career in the restaurant industry then seamlessly metamorphosed from chef to artist, a process that he attributes, in part, to being raised by his artist mother and chef father. As a child, he wanted to be an architect. Today, you can see his interest in architecture coming through in the symmetrical patterns with the geometric shapes of his art.

His background in the culinary industry began in fast food, however, he worked hard and learned everything there was to know about food production until, 8 years later, he got the chance to work with celebrity chef Michael Minna. He familiarized himself with the ideology of fine dinning, neo-American and Asian cuisines and dishes with Japanese flare and French taste while also perfecting the arts of color, portions, shape and presentation. He brings his cuisine art knowledge of colors to painting, and unlike many of his contemporaries, he is able to mix his own colors and make shades to reflect the emotions via color. He learned rapidly and held his first show at The World in North Beach in February 2013. A few months later he embarked on a journey with [freespace] as their art curator of [freespace].

Covignton1 Covington’s unique artist process begins with the type of music he listens to which evokes different styles. Heavy metal brings out a gritty vibe while it is more likely that pastel colors will emerge when he listens to easy listening. While the lines and angles make sharp predefined images that may trigger emotions or elicit sharp reaction in a volatile manner, the circular spiral brings about a more cohesive spirit where the nurturing warmth nature of the spiral transforms it’s energy and cradles the angry lines, lullabying all to a mellow agreeable space for growth. Covington believes Da Vinci is one of the greatest artists and his favorite modern artist is Liechtenstein.

Covington works hard to stay busy. He is frequently spotted at SF Temple and MIRUS Gallery, and of course [freespace]. Although he claims he is still finding his place in the world, he feels comfortable where he is at now has a positive outlook on his future. In the future, he would like to combine food and art together and perhaps own a 5 star restaurant where rare and on demand art hang on the wall.

Convington’s passion, drive, persistence and determination show he can only succeed, by not accepting failure. Like many of the greatest successful artists, athletes, researchers or performers, he tends to compete against himself. He feels like he can always do better, hence his work is never done; he is constantly trying to improve so many of his pieces. With such promising possibilities, hope his desires are fulfilled and dreams realized. Good luck Michael Covington, hope we get to see your name among the bright lights soon.

Artist Profile: Michael Covington

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  1. Very well said. Although,the first show, was actually held at World Apparel. Beautifully spoken though, lovely words!!! 🙂 to all readers :strongly suggest Taking a look. <3 -cort

    Cortney raye October 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm #

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