Artist Profile: Tim Lawson

Fallen Angel

By then end of this week, most of the artwork at [freespace] will have been painted over in preparation for moving out. Before that happens we wanted to call attention to a few of the pieces.

I came across artist Tim Lawson painting late into the night on a Tuesday. His canvas stretches between and through two windows that have been seamlessly worked into the piece. His piece, tentatively called Fallen Angel, depicts a young girl with heroin needles all around her. Lawson was inspired to make this piece when saw a young girl strung out on heroin

Close up

outside of the Metreon in the early hours of the morning. This image of a girl so close to her deathbed stuck with him and when he began his piece at [freespace] he soon realized the girl he was drawing was her. The painting depicts this girl with needles floating all around her and wings indicating her proximity to death. Although he saw this girl downtown, he chose to draw her on Valencia Street and uses many identifying markers of the stretch of Valencia street between 16th and 20th.

If you take a step back, the needles make the shape of a skeleton. This is one of are many subtle additions to the piece that you would not comprehend if you did not take the time to study the painting closely. Other aspects to take note of are the direction of the lines on the syringes and the number of fingers the girl has.

Across from Fallen Angel, he has displayed a whole series of his work that illustrate the different mediums Lawson has used over the years. [Freespace] has been a wonderful opportunity for Lawson to hone his painting technique and practice his craft on a large scale. Like many artists at [freespace], Lawson had never done a piece of this size before. He has been working and re working the piece for a long time now. He knows that next week his piece will have to be painted over however he is still putting finishing touches on it. It is the process of creating the piece that inspires him.

Artist Profile: Tim Lawson

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  1. Fallen Angel is a very creative, imaginative piece of art work. It touches so many emotions, sadness, anger, frustration. And speaking of frustrated and sad I can’t believe it will be painted over.

    Christe Terrion November 11, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

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