About Us

The [freespace] movement is an experiment in what is possible when a community shares the gift of physical space. A [freespace] is a gathering place for people to come together, to create, teach, learn, and share the things which they are truly passionate about, and strengthen connections between individuals as well as communities through art, events, and long term projects.

[freespace] began in June 2013, inspired by the National Day of Civic Hacking when a building was gifted to the community for just $1. The radically low barrier to entry and open door policy lead to a hugely diverse range of people from different cultural, economic, and professional backgrounds connecting and creating projects together such as a free bike share, maker classes for people in homeless shelters, and a community garden.

To date, [freespace] has hosted over 300 free events, seen more than 30 murals, fostered 4 long-term projects within San Francisco, and instigated an immeasurable amount of inspiration, collaboration, and solidarity within the communities it has touched.

[freespace] is now a global movement. Currently there are [freespaces] developing in 26 locations and 18 different countries around the world.

Interested in starting your own [freespace]? Contact us for more information to help you get started!