Submit a Project

WHAT is [freespace] labs?

[freespace] labs is a community incubator for social impact projects.


HOW does it work?

We provide space to individuals and teams to brainstorm ideas that will benefit the community. We help crystallize these ideas into concrete projects. We teach project leads the design thinking process, walking them through the 5 steps: empathy → define → ideate → prototype → test. We help build teams, recruiting from within the diverse [freespace] network, and publicizing the project on our website, and also in our space. We provide small grants to teams who need resources for their projects. We provide project management assistance to teams who want extra support.


WHAT are the guidelines for projects?

YOU – the community – know best what type of project will have the biggest impact and benefit. Our submission process is designed to be open and flexible. Below are some framing questions to think about as you submit ideas to [freespace] labs.


  • Does your project provide a new product, service, platform, practice or initiative? Does it replicate existing ones but make them more accessible to a different or larger audience?
  • Does your project influence public policy to change public policy to increase the number served or needs addressed?
  • Does it effect systems change, using a comprehensive and whole-systems approach to create a more hospitable environment that allows effective programs to flourish or encourages collaboration among stakeholders
  • Does it factor in future trends and needs as well as short and long term needs?
  • Is it ecologically, socially and environmentally responsible? Does it have environmental, social and/or economic impact? What are they and how will you quantify them?
  • Is it replicable and scalable?

WHERE do I sign up?

Start by filling out this form below, then we will set up a time to meet with our team for facilitated brainstorming and design thinking workshops.


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