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homefrontfanGoal: This project is about delight, perspective, art and beauty. The goal is to bring people together to take pictures of faces that appear in objects but that also have a deeper meaning, to inspire others to notice and be present with their surroundings and to inspire others to follow through with their own passion projects. Lastly, the goal is to setup a philanthropic tie-in to the project, for example selling merchandise that helps victims of burns and other wounds.
Needs: Motivated photographers, engaged participants, and a team to create a way for the project to move forward and partner with a philanthropic organization.
Lead: Alex Regenstreich 

Giving GameGoal: Americans donate $300 billion a year to charity, but two thirds of those donations are made with zero research. Turning philanthropy into a game, where you win by doing the most good, has the potential to direct more of this money to the places where it’s needed most, saving or improving countless lives. Giving Games let people around the world enjoy the experience of giving effectively in a fun and social environment, and connect with likeminded communities. See more at
Needs: There will be a table with jars, charities, and donation chips set up at Freespace. Needs include artfully decorating the table and chips, and suggestions of charities and organizations to add to the game.
Leads: Jon Behar

homefrontfanGoal: Homefrontfan is all about civic hacks for our heroes. Hacks are already in progress. First up is The National Day of Civic Hacking challenge put forth by the Department of Labor regarding women’s veterans. We’re applying usability design and social networking models to the make sense of resources and expose opportunities to young women veterans. Follow our progress at and @homefront_fan
Needs: Veterans to be in our beta program, mentors, recruiters, psychologists, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, front end developers, back end developers, mobile app developers and passionate change makers.
Lead: Mandy Silverman

Goal: The Learning plans to be a grassroots home, work place, and incubator that challenges the paradigms of homelessness. Entrepreneurial leaders will help homeless learn the skills to be makers and artists to perform at high levels. Fill a shipping container with tools and create a space where homeless people can learn skills that are of importance in today’s economy by choosing from learning paths that engage their own senses.
Needs: Staff and volunteers, teachers, mentors, outreach, transportation for the shipping container, space to put the container and possibly a place to house up to 30 residents.
Lead: Marc Roth

Goal: Connect the community within [freespace] to the community outside our walls. Participate in ongoing events such as walking tours, story telling projects, clothing drives, flower give-aways and forums with local service providers.
Needs: Volunteers to participate in activities, community leaders, artists and others to bring their talent into the neighborhood and lead activities such as collaborative mural painting in the Tenderloin.
Lead: Hunter Franks and Ilana Lipsett

10605_10151466658683016_489076079_nGoal: Connect walls with artists. Growing from the quick success of beautifying [freespace] with murals, Artspace’s goal is to facilitate the painting of more art murals on the streets of San Francisco by connecting real estate owners with artists. If you are a property owner and would like a mural on your wall, sign up here.
Needs: Artists and property owners, partnerships in the real estate sector (Insurance, Legal, Signage companies), Real estate owners.
Lead: Eoin McMillan

bike projectGoal: Inspired by the Austin Yellow Bike Project, the San Francisco Yellow Bike Project is a volunteer-powered community bike shop that transforms donated bicycles, parts, and other cycling resources into functional bikes for the SF Bay Area. The SF Yellow Bike Project has found a home at [freespace] to stage its new innovative free bike share program.
Needs: Tools, trained bike mechanics, volunteers to run the operations of the bike lending
Lead: Nathan Woody

pianomapGoal: Create a map of pianos in San Francisco, allowing people to listen in live to music! We’re preparing an invite-only launch of the map, which would allow people to post, like, and comment on pianos.
Needs: People to photograph and play on pianos. Musicians who like playing live music in public places, such as on the street or in bars, and would be excited to be guinea-pigs broadcast to the internet. Someone to instrument a piano with a raspberry pi (or equivalent) and microphones, for live broadcast, so that we can do many such installations around the city. People who might be interested in iOS development for live streaming via mobile.
Lead: Peter Ehrlich

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