Want to get Freespace going in Austin? Let us know!

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WHAT IS [freespace] AUSTIN?

At [freespace] Austin we want to create an environment of innovation where we have things such as inspiring talks, life classes, dance classes, networking events, art galleries, etc. It’s really a way for us to nurture and spotlight local change-makers who otherwise wouldn’t have the space to share their innovative work. Above all, we aim to create a sense of community, support and interconnectedness around various projects animating Austin.

HISTORY OF [freespace]

[freespace] San Francisco began as a civic hack experiment, to prove “the power that community holds to transform a neighborhood by activating empty space.” It was such a success that the movement engendered international inspiration, with [freespace] in cities such as Bristol, Bogota, and Paris.

[freespace] IS:

For community: A [freespace] is free, and thus inclusive to people from all different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. A [freespace] provides people with the space and permission to pursue their passions and feed off of similar energy.

For property owners: A [freespace] adds activity to any space, increasing foot traffic and highlighting potential uses for long-term tenants.

For city government: A [freespace] provides a new way for citizens to shape their cities


In collaboration with [freespace] San Francisco, we want to have the space ready to broadcast the Soccer World Cup games in June , open to everyone wishing to attend. The intention is to create an international uniting experience to enhance the sense of community already created by the world games.

Space: We are currently looking for empty buildings to house the [freespace] initiative. If you have or know someone willing to lend us the space, please let us know.

Capital: Subsequently, we might need to renovate the space if it is an abandoned building. We need manpower and materials to do the work, then financial support to maintain the building (utilities, marketing, management)

Talent: Once [freespace] is up and running, we will fill it up with infinite possibilities. Do you have art to display, would you like to paint a mural, teach a class, or build something? We want you. Do you prefer to be behind the scenes and help us with management and event planning? We want you as well. We need all the help we can get and building [freespace] Austin will be the first act of community building we do, in preparation for The World Cup broadcast.