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Calling all the Culture Hackers

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Are you interested in being part of the collective that makes [Freespace] happen? Want to get more involved in the meaty details of how to hack our cities, cultivate community, create lasting change, and achieve the so-called impossible, all with a totally badass team committed to creating an awesome future together? Look no further, your entourage of superhero culture hackers awaits.

Some pretty awesome benefits of [Freespace] core team participation:

  • Super duper urban development street cred! Be on the cutting edge, setting an example for other cities.
  • Learn about the often unseen parts of the city – vacant buildings, city zoning, usage policies, under employment, homelessness
  • Get to know a wonderful and diverse cross section of city residents
  • Help make new things possible for real people

So how does it actually work?

[Freespace] is an open collective that seeks a diversity of members and inputs! Participation comes in the form of online and offline/IRL. We schedule meetings as needed, sometimes once a week when an active project is underway, other times less often. Some of the work we do is about writing, documenting, capturing, reaching out to others, sharing what we’re up to, finding grants or connecting with groups doing similar stuff. Some is about researching new opportunities and figuring out how to make a new building “work” (think insurance, security, initial cleanup and maintenance, PG&E, garbage collection! you know, all the fun stuff…). A lot of it is in operating a given space – staffing, event coordination, maintaining an active online presence during an activation.

We have several different areas/teams you can plug into:

  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Event Coordination
  • Tech team
  • Social Media (blog posts, Twitter, Facebook…)
  • MOOP/Waste Coordination
  • Food Coordinator
  • Communications, Outreach and Press

Or maybe you have an idea for a new focus area or competency? We’re all ears.

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