So – what’s next?

“Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.” 
― Yvonne WoonDead Beautiful

First – thank you all for a truly amazing 2 months of [freespace]!! Together, we demonstrated the power of creative community.

61 days. 185 Events. Thousands of Visitors. And those are just a few of the amazing numbers. But numbers only tell part of the story.

What started with the National Day of Civic Hacking has turned into a powerful and meaningful movement, showing what people can create when given the space to do so.

So – what did we do with this awesome space in just two months?

We created amazing art, built one of the most fun indoor slides, shared bikes, held countless free yoga classes, brought smiles to peoples’ faces by giving them flowers each week, cooked delicious communal meals, celebrated The Summer Solstice, threw an amazing Digital Detox event, and went to The White House to get Washington excited about what we are doing too.

Lasting Change

One of our primary goals, though, was to create lasting change. We decided that we would incubate several projects within freespace, providng them community, space, and volunteer help.

The resident projects included a community garden, The Learning Shelter (mobile classrooms in shipping containers), homefrontFan (empowering women veterans), SF Yellow Bikes (community bike sharing program), local community engagement, and artsSpace (which helped bring art murlas into freespace). To learn more about these projects and get involved, check our projects page.

Community Building

Beyond that, we mobilized an incredible community. A community so strong that together we raised over $25,000 from over 250 contributors to keep the space open for July!

We cannot thank every one of you enough for making [freespace] what is. You’ve made it a mind blowing success! A very special thanks to our partners. They helped us keep the lights on.

While we are closing our doors at 1131 Mission for August, our project doesn’t end there. Throughout the past two months, people have asked us “What will [freespace] look like in the future?” The beauty of this project is that answer lies in you. As we reflect on the great fun we’ve had the past two months, we’ll keep working to create [freespace] everywhere.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the past two months. Leave your comments below. Or post your thoughts on our Facebook page. Let us know what you loved and what you’d like to see going forward. Help us decide what [freespace] will look in the future.



– Marisa, Brittany, Jaki, and the whole [freespace] crew

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